Making a Baby

Jul 26 2010

We have a new cousin who’s six weeks old.  He came to visit on Saturday, prompting a few questions from Cai, one of our three-year-olds.

Cai: Mom, is that a baby?

Me: Yes, Cai. That’s a baby.

Cai: Can I have him?

Me: You want to have the baby?

Cai: Yes.

Me: What will you do with him?

Cai: I no know.

Me: Will you feed him?

Cai: No.

Me: Will you change his diapers?

Cai: No.

Me: Will you hold him?

Cai: YES!

Me: Babies need a lot of care, Cai.  They need to be fed and changed. So let’s let the baby’s mommy and daddy do all that work, OK?

Cai, pointing to the baby’s mom and dad: Did them make the baby, mom?

Me: Yes, they made the baby.  Didn’t they do a good job?

Cai: With screws?

Me: Did they make the baby with screws?

Cai: Yes. Did them make that baby with screws?

Me: Well… yes.  I guess they did.  But I think it just took one big screw.

And there’s another counseling session I’m going to owe my kid.