Contest Finale Draws Near

Jan 20 2011

Get your votes in for the Photo Contest!

Keep the votes coming until 9:00pm PST on Friday, January 21st.  (For those of you fabulous folks in the Netherlands, that’s 6:00am on Saturday, January 22nd… does that mean you have an edge with more time? ;))

If you’re a contender, make sure you’re co-opting your friends and stuffing the ballot box.  It’s fun seeing new commentors on here.  (Quick question: Why is my spell-check correcting commentor?  Should you be commentators?  Really?  I like commentor.  I’m sticking with that.)

I’m surprised by the number of you responding via e-mail to  I thought there’d be more blog commentors than e-mailers.  Shows what I know!

I’ll tell you this… at this point, I’ve got votes all over the map, and it’s anyone’s game.

Good luck!