Jan 30 2011

Aden is sick.

She has a fever and is achy and her eyes hurt.

I’m sad for her.  I mean it.  I really am.  She’s pitiful, and she keeps saying “thank you, Mom” every time I bring her something.  How sweet is that?

I suspect that the appropriate parental response is to be only sad.

I’m not appropriate.  It’s a sickness, I tell you.

In addition to my sympathy, I’m delighted that all my plans for the day are shot.

I can’t leave my house, and I have the perfect excuse to cancel everything.

So far today, I’ve

  • medicated, fed and watered my sick kid, wrapped her in a blanket and given her unlimited TV access
  • swept and mopped my floor
  • cleaned the clutter and filth off my kitchen table and counter tops
  • questioned whether “filth” is too strong a word and decided it’s sadly accurate
  • done two loads of dishes
  • sanitized the kitchen sink (what with the filth and all)
  • made myself a ham, manchego and spinach crepe for brunch… crepe… brunch… I’m such a happy woman right now
  • washed off our kitchen chairs and table legs, and saw why I should do this way, way more regularly
  • SAT DOWN for two cups of coffee at my immaculate table
  • cleaned our grill
  • reorganized an entire shelf of our pantry (yeah, the whole pantry would be more impressive, but that’s more than a day-long project)
  • took out two garbage-can loads of trash
  • read two chapters of a novel of questionable reputation
  • and wrote a blog post while it was still daylight

It’s 2:15 in the afternoon.  I’m so excited to see what I can do next!

I mean, poor Aden.