The Quick Fix

Jan 8 2011

If left to my own TV devices, I watch the Food Network.

Granted, we’re usually watching the Disney channel or ESPN around here.  When I let my family watch TV, that is.  Which I RARELY (ha, I’m so funny) do.

But I like me some Food Network every now and then.

Our satellite dish lost the signal for Food Network about two weeks ago.

I asked my husband to fix it.

He diligently searched the help menu.  He checked the cords.  He took a flashlight out into the dark and the rain to check the dish itself.

To no avail.

Tonight, the NFL channel went out.

Guess what?  It’s fixed!

Friends are over.  They’re my witnesses.

They suggested that, perhaps the next time the Food Network channel disappears, I can call the dish company myself and ask them to cancel the NFL channel.  That seems to magically fix my problem.

I’m upgrading my friends from witnesses to accomplices.  They’re the best.

(Posted with express permission from my husband.  Because I’m snarky, not stupid.)