Caffeine: Strong, Dark, and Yes, Please

Mar 24 2011

Today is Day 8 of Single Parenting.

And today is the day I’m doubling my daily caffeine intake.

Ah, caffeine.

I love you, caffeine.

Several years ago, I cut caffeine out of my diet entirely.  I felt so self-righteous.

“Do you want some coffee, Beth?”

“No, thank you.  I don’t drink caffeine.  It’s poison, you know.”

I don’t really know if caffeine is poison.  I just felt much more self-righteous  saying that as if it’s so.

“Beth, are you eating chocolate?”

“Of course I am.”

“Did you know chocolate has caffeine in it?”

“I choose not to believe that.”  Always practical, that’s me.  Facts?  Who needs ’em?  No one likes a chocolate alarmist.

I quit caffeine one day while pouring myself a cup of coffee.  The sunlight was streaming through the window in one of those perfect ribbons that cuts through the dust particles and makes you think that the light has split itself into tiny, bright, glittering chunks of luminescence.  As the light hit the coffee on its way from the carafe to my cup, it shone like liquid gold.

I whispered to my coffee, “You’re so pretty.”

My own personal Gollum moment.  Precious.

You know how people say they can quit any time?  Yeah, well, I decided I’d better see if I really could.

I could.

I did.

No caffeine for me for 6 years.  Yay, me!

Then I had twins.

And I haven’t quit drinking caffeine ever since.

So, despite the fact that I’m doubling my caffeine intake for today (just today — yeah, right), I’m not worried.  I haven’t once, all week long, talked aloud to my coffee.

Maybe once or twice in my head.

Maybe I thought she looked particularly sassy and darkly delicious sitting in my cup.

Maybe I sighed as she warmed my hands.

Maybe I winked to her.

But I didn’t talk out loud.

No, sirree.

This girl has boundaries when it comes to talking to inanimate objects.  (Please ignore the post where I talked to my pneumonia meds.  Thank you.)

Why all the caffeine today?

Because a) I’m tired, and b) I planned to0 much.

Sure, the cures for regular people are to a) sleep more, and b) slow down.

Silly, silly regular people.

As for me and my kids, we’re headed to the beach.

Come on.  We only have 2 more sleeps ’til the whole family is back together.  We have to live it up!

More soon.  Hopefully from somewhere wet, cold, overcast, and sandy.  Now, if that doesn’t sound like fun, I don’t know what does!