Mar 17 2011

Two thoughts.

Thought #1:  I don’t know.  I don’t know why I allowed it to be taken.  I don’t know why I kept it.  I don’t think I was actually mad at anyone; gee, I hope I can manage my emotions better than that.  (Otherwise, what was the point of 3 years of counseling??)  In fact, I’m pretty sure my eldest took this photo when she and I were goofing off on vacation.  Either that, or I was possessed.  You pick.

Thought #2:  Those bangs are from the 1990’s.  Or the 1980’s.  That’s the only explanation for bangs that fluffy.  And yet this picture was taken in 2009, proving I can’t be trusted to make my own hair decisions.

I figure that picture scared off all but the bravest of you, which is best because this post is not for the faint of heart.

In fact, this post is a cry for help.

Important help.

Hair help.

The time has come to do something new, and I thought y’all might be willing to give your advice.  As you can see from the bangs, making a herd-based hair decision can do me no more harm than I do to myself.

To give you some context, here are some photos of my hair over the past 6 years…

This is a shoulder length flip in 2005 (ish):

I’m the brunette in the orange t-shirt.  (I specified in case you had me confused for the adorable blond munchkin in the orange shirt.  Don’t you just want to take her home in your back pocket?  I keep trying, but my husband says 5 kids are enough, and her mother keeps objecting.)

See the hot blond in the red shirt?  That’s my cousin, Erin.  Maybe I should do that to my hair.  The cut, anyway.  I can’t pull off the blond.  Besides, being about 6 years behind Erin style-wise is about on par for me.

Here’s a medium length cut in 2008 (the Great Snow Storm!):

Ignore Cael’s expression; we can only seem to get 80% of our kids to look at the camera at any given time.  Nothing I do seems to alter that ratio.

My current hair philosophy is to have long, long hair because I never make time to get it cut.  I throw in a few layers every 6 months so I can pretend I have a hair style.

Here’s a long hair photo from 2009ish:

Of course, these are the notorious bangs, here in a flatter, less I-want-to-be-Cyndi-Lauper-and-bee-bop-to-Girls-Just-Wanna-Have-Fun way:

All of that takes some serious flattening.  I have what I like to call “naturally messy” hair.  It would be naturally curly if it, you know, curled.  But no.  It doesn’t do that.

Exhibit A: Naturally messy hair, circa October 2010.  Unnaturally blue (necessary so I could be Thing 1 to Abby’s Thing 2), but the messy part is all me.  Try not to be jealous.

Exhibit B: Naturally messy hair from January 2011 pretending to be naturally curly with the help of a diffuser:

Of course, none of these show my many hairtastrophes due to the fact that I had to pick my least fatty photos.  Hey – I’m a girl.  Sue me.

There are a couple of short-short haircuts in there that are truly horrific.  Not bloggable in their horrificality.  So short-short is right out.

Alright, fine.  You talked me into it, but I don’t have to like it.  Here’s short-short horrific hair:

I recolored the photo so you might be distracted by how adorable baby Aden was.  Her short-short hair is stunning.  As are her button nose and rosebud lips.

So, tell me what you think.

I’m willing to go as short as chin-length.  Or just trim up the long, long hair I’ve got and leave well enough alone.

Share your thoughts.  Including your thought that I shouldn’t take possessed photos in the future.  I agree.  Wholeheartedly.

Majority wins!

I’m gonna get my hair cut sometime next week, and I’ll update y’all with the results.