Things I Forgot Today

Mar 31 2011

I want my own version of the TV show 24.  It can show at every hour all the things I forget to do.  I’m pretty sure I can fill an entire series.

I’ve had too many things to do this week.  Eighteen after-school appointments and activities in the past four days, to be exact.  And that’s after I canceled three things I couldn’t fit.

I’m hoping that garners me some sympathy, because that’s the only excuse I have for what you’re about to learn.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve flunked at being a responsible niece, an organized mother, and a thoughtful daughter.

That’s a lot to pack into 24 hours.  I find you have to really focus to fail on that kind of level.

Do everything to the best of your ability, I say.  Especially failure.  Go big or go home.

To be a responsible niece, all I had to do was return a key for the beach house to my aunt.  That task takes approximately 10 minutes total.  It’s not hard.

My aunt was kind enough to loan me the key.  The least I can do is return it on time.

I had the key in my purse.

I made arrangements to drop it off.

I set myself an alarm to remember.

I reset the alarm twice.

I didn’t remember.

I didn’t remember because I was in my son’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting all afternoon.

IEP meetings are a special way to torture teachers and parents with voluminous paperwork for kids with special needs.  This was Ian’s annual IEP meeting.

I did remember to confirm that my mom would pick Ian up after school.

I blithely chatted with my mom at the school’s entrance when I arrived for the IEP meeting, as that coincided perfectly with the time she was there to pick him up from school.

I walked into my son’s classroom for my meeting with his uber fabulous teacher, whereupon I was asked if Greg, my husband, would be able to join us for the meeting.

“No,” I replied.  “He’s home with Ian today because Ian’s sick.”

Ian’s sick.

Hello?  Beth?  Anyone in there?

You’d think that somewhere between the time that I called Greg to check on my sick Ian… and confirmed with my mom that she’d be picking up that SAME Ian from school… that it would have dawned on me to — oh, I don’t know — maybe tell her that he wasn’t at school?

Not only did I leave my mom hanging in front of Ian’s school today, I also just remembered that my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary is this coming weekend.

40 years!

Forty years of not using your pillow to smother the person who wakes you up with super sonic snoring every single night.  That’s aMAZing!  A very cool and important milestone.

The kind of milestone one’s children should remember.  Preferably before it’s three days away.

What I should have done was lied.  Called them and said, “Just wanted to confirm that we’re on for your anniversary dinner on Friday.  You know, since we haven’t talked about it for a few months.”

Dang it all.  I missed an opportunity there.

Instead, I was super cool and smooth. “Hey, there!  Soooo… the Big 4-0, huh?  This weekend!  Um… ya got any plans?  No?  Want that your neglectful daughter should make some?”

My parents need new kids.

So, to recap, things I forgot today include:

  1. To be responsible enough to be allowed to borrow stuff
  2. To honor my parents
  3. My son