I’m back!

Apr 22 2011

Welcome to the flip side!

Greg rocks and set me up with my own URL.

Yes. That’s right.


Yay, Greg!

I’m very excited to announce that we’ve graced the world with PutDownTheUrinalCake.com.

I know, I know. I’m always thinking of ways to improve the lives of others.

And what better way than to make people look at the words “urinal cake” day in and day out?

So, if you subscribed to the old site, please add PutDownTheUrinalCake.com to your reader. Or, you can always subscribe via e-mail by clicking here. I’d love to have you on board this Crazy Train!

Greg and I are still in the process of honing things here, and you may notice minor updates for a while. However, the format should be familiar and even easier to read than before.

See this nice, big, easy-to-read font?  Yes, I thought so.

(And I hope you’ll let me know if you have suggestions or find anything that needs fixing.)

It’s after midnight on Friday, and I’m a tired girl who must away to my bed.

Before I go, though, I loved, loved, loved my fortune at the Chinese restaurant today for lunch. So I took a picture to share with you.

Why, yes.

I do believe it is.