Big Family Utopia

May 16 2011

They say that kids from big families eventually start parenting themselves.

That the big kids take on more responsibility for the little ones.

That they harmoniously help each other with chores and schoolwork.

They say it’s a utopia, really.

Which is exactly why we had five kids.  For the utopia.

You know what’s super weird about my kids?  They haven’t caught on.

I’m, like, “You guys.  Seriously.  Haven’t you seen any of those large-family TV shows during all the screen time I allow you?  The ones where the kids cook, do laundry, take care of the yard and everyone smiles ALL the time?”

But, no.  No such luck.

Until Saturday.

On Saturday, there was a giant light at the end of one parenting tunnel when I overheard this conversation between my 4-year-old twin boys:

Cael:  Cai Cai?  Can I sniff your butt?

Cai, enthusiastically:  SURE!

Cael, post-sniff:  EW, Cai.  You need to wipe better.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are on our way!

Thanks for the big ol’ parenting assist, Cael.  As a reward, you will be assigned all future hygiene related tasks.

It’s TOTALLY appropriate to assign that stuff to a 4-year-old, don’t ya think?

Oh, yes.  Me, too.

Utopia, here we come.