From My Punkins to Yours: Happy Halloween!

Oct 31 2011

My kids’ favorite part of Halloween, like every holiday, is posing for pictures.

I can only assume that my children are such willing photograph subjects because I’m a better mom than mine was.  After all, some of the most important parts of parenting are analyzing the ways we were parented, finding them terribly lacking, making corrections, and ultimately deeming ourselves superior parents in every way.

So, despite the fact that she’s more selfless than I will ever be, I remember that it was always so irritating when my mom wanted to take pictures of me for every dumb thing. Holidays, school events, vacations.  Annoying.  Totally unnecessary. And a waste of my valuable time.  I, after all, had important things to do, like talk to my boyfriend, read books, and be so, SO perpetually bored.

But things are completely different with my kids.

It makes them feel happy to do something nice for their mommy.  Something they know I really want.

Something that will let us capture forever the fun the of day so we can someday show their kids the joy of their youth.

I never have to bribe, cajole, beg or threaten.

And I never have to say things like, “Come on, guys.  Pretty PLEASE?”

Or, hypothetically, “Seriously?  I just spent two hours helping you carve your pumpkins, and you can’t smile for one nice photo for me?”

Yeah, well.  In the words of my esteemed mother, “I’ll take what I can get.”  (She might’ve gotten more right about this parenting gig than I initially thought.)

From my punkins to yours,
Happy Halloween!

And, um, may you hold your candy better than we do.


P.S. If you used one of Rachel’s AMAZING Halloween costume ideas, pretty please send me pictures!  You can email ’em to me at fivekidsisalotofkids [at] gmail [dot] com.