Halloween Help Is Here!

Oct 21 2011

Woodland Creatures photo courtesy of Fawn and Feather

photo credit Heather Espana

If you, like me, are in the depths of despair over your kids’ Halloween costumes, realizing That Day is just over a week away and you have done, oh, say, NOTHING about facilitating them, finding them, or funding them, then this post is for you.  Keep reading, because you’re about to receive personalized, professional help.

If, on the other hand, you purchased your kids’ perfect, premade costumes weeks and weeks ago, and you’ve already pressed them and laid them out on your kids’ beds (which they happily make every morning), and you’re only now deciding which of 17 hair accessories best compliments your daughter’s outfit, and you’re aghast that I’ve left Halloween costume decisions for SO LONG, then you clearly read this blog because I am your schadenfreude.  In which case, this post is also for you.

Let us begin.

All my 9-year-old daughter wants, in the whole entire world, is to be a blue parrot for Halloween.

Now, you might say, full of logic and reason, “Just buy the kid a blue parrot costume.”  But I am forced to respond, “That’s the easy way, and have you met me?”

And, honestly, I found myself in an awkward position.  See, I’ve always been a staunch supporter of the Cheap First Philosophy of Halloweening (I tend to be a staunch supporter of most of the things I invent), so I just couldn’t bring myself to hop online and order a $50 parrot costume and pay expedited shipping, too.

But Aden hasn’t been suspended, not even once, since school started 7 weeks ago. And what better way to reward non-suspension than with a blue parrot costume?  I found myself between a Halloween costume rock and an empty pocketbook hard place.  How do I grant her wish on a budget?

In a frantic attempt at an easy Halloween save, I cried out for help on Facebook.  “Anyone have any fantastic, cheap and fast ideas for how to transform my daughter into a blue parrot for Halloween?  If you must choose, here they are in priority order: cheap, fast, fantastic.”

Have you ever had your butt plucked from the fire?  I have.  Because it took Rachel of Fawn and Feather four minutes – four minutes – to snatch my hind-end from the Halloween costume fire.

She replied, off the top of her head, “Blue tights and T-shirt. Blue boa for a tail (from Michael’s/JoAnn), blue visor with eyes, beak, etc…, blue plastic tablecloth from the Dollar Tree cut into fringey wings and attached along each arm across her shoulders in one piece.”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I couldn’t come up with that in days and days of thinking.  She met all of my criteria effortlessly.

Well, I jumped right onto Rachel’s website, and I spent the next half-hour being spirited away by her images.

Woodland Creatures photos courtesy of Fawn and Feather
photo credit Heather Espana

Rachel is a self-described dreamer with a huge costume closet, and she created one of the coolest businesses I’ve ever seen.  See, Rachel takes her love of dress-up, her artistic knack, and her photography skills, and then she spins them, cotton-candy-style, into a theatrical, magical memory for her clients.

Lost Boys photos courtesy of and credit to Fawn and Feather

It’s like Rachel infuses joy with a touch of helium and sends it aloft, so that, for an hour or two, even grown-ups remember how to play.  How to frolick.  How to romp.

And I realized how much I needed Rachel’s unintentional reminder; that dressing up is about playing.

Hippie photo courtesy of Fawn and Feather
photo credit Jonathan Morell and Jon Macy

And that Halloween doesn’t have to be just one more task list.  It doesn’t have to be about checking my kids’ costumes off of my To Do list so I can get through this holiday in time to take off at a dead sprint for Thanksgiving.

I have a 9-year-old who wants to be a blue parrot.  And, this year, I get to be the mommy who makes her dream come true.

And, get this; in case you’re like me – a) out of money, b) out of time, or c) generally pathetic – or even if you’re not any of those things but you just want a little boost from a pro, RACHEL HAS AGREED TO HELP YOU, TOO!

Seriously.  Just in time for Halloween, I managed to corner a professional visual artist and talk her into giving us all advice.  I’m incredibly excited!  And what I like about Rachel is… she’s excited, too!  See?

Rachel’s photo courtesy of Fawn and Feather
photo credit Jonathan Morell and Jon Macy

If you need tips, from now through… oh, a few days from now… post your questions for Rachel below.  We’ve got your back, folks.

And, Rachel? Thanks for helping me be that mommy.  The playful mommy.  The wish-granting mommy.  The blue parrot’s mommy.  I’m grateful.