Hot Dogs & Spaghetti: A Gorgeous Plate of Wrong

Dec 18 2011

Hot Dogs & Spaghetti: A Gorgeous Plate of Wrong

I find that the beginning of winter break is a fantastic time to mess with my kids’ heads.

This plate of spaghetti-impaled hot dogs?

It’ll do. The freak-out factor was satisfyingly high.

If you, too, want to make your kids wonder what’s wrong with you while teaching them to play with their food (which can only create problems for everyone later – yeehaw!), then here’s what you’ll need:


  1. Hot Dogs – I hear you can buy hot dogs without nitrates and fillers. Hebrew National makes their all-beef franks with nothing artificial. Imagine that! I think the dogs I used were featured in the novel The Jungle by Upton Sinclair and are primarily sawdust. My children will thank me later when they don’t need to use botox and their skin remains strangely immovable due to all the preservatives I’m feeding them. (You’re welcome, kids.)
  2. Spaghetti – Again, I’m pretty sure you can buy whole wheat spaghetti if you’re not, you know, into feeding your kids simple carbohydrates. Nice work, you!
  3. Spaghetti sauce – optional.
  4. Vegetable – optional, but, really, not optional for me, because after feeding my kids nitrate-loaded sausages and simple carbohydrate pasta my mama guilt level was on the rise. Frozen peas to the rescue!


Mmm! Quick, fun, two-ingredient lunch? Yes, please.

Here’s what you do:

Chop the dogs using a pleasingly large butcher’s knife. I like the kind they used in Psycho. ‘Cause nothing *screams* Christmas to me quite like enormous butchers’ knives.

Skewer dogs with spaghetti…

…until you have a pile ‘o impaled meat ready for your…

…pot of boiling water.

Cook according to pasta package directions, and voila! A plate full of funky, fun food.

I know. It’s wrong on so many levels, and, yet, it’s so, so right.

I have some seriously fun things planned right here on this blog for this, the first week of Christmas break, but in the meantime, enjoy playing with your food!

Merry Christmas,