On Fairy Tales and Child’s Play

Jan 18 2012

Every man’s life is a fairy tale written by God’s fingers.
Hans Christian Andersen

Have you ever observed the frenetic play of a toddler? It’s like watching a squirrel hopped up on pixie sticks and speed, jumping and twitching from one harried activity to the next, the physical manifestation of unlimited energy and determination.

As a child grows older, that same unharnessed spirit that pushed the toddler to run faster, climb higher and leap further sends out shoots of joy that find root in the fertile soil of the her mind and her heart.

All of a sudden, the child who was diving off the couch without an approved flight plan is dipping his fingers into his dreams and fingerpainting with his imagination. He comes up for air saturated with stories, consumed with invention. His body exists in this world while his soul is in another, more fantastic place. He rules his realm, becomes the hero, and befriends the dragon.

This is child’s play.

This is a fairy tale.

This is life written by the fingers of God.


Once upon a time, I met Rachel, the visual artist behind Fawn and Feather, because she generously offered to help me (and you!) out of a creative jam.

Then, a little while ago, Rachel asked if she could photograph my children at play. I yelled, “YES!” so loud that it drowned out the more polite but WAY less gratifying urge to be socially appropriate and say, “No, no. I couldn’t possibly.”

Rachel asked me to tell her about my kids. Who they are. What makes them tick. And then she came over and drew my kids’ hearts using her camera, her insight, and her magic.

This is the beginning of their Fawn and Feather fairy tale:

And you can find the whole, amazing fairy tale adventure here, at the Fawn and Feather website.

While you’re there, do check out Rachel’s other amazing work with a crowd of stellar photographers. And if you leave Rachel a kind comment or three? Well, that would be the icing on the cake, because sometimes it just does a heart good to know that your labor of love made someone smile.


Thank you, Rachel. My children are in these pictures, but so is your heart. After all,

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all.
Hans Christian Andersen