Getting Dressed While Being a Mom

Mar 15 2012

I confessed to a co-worker yesterday that I accidentally wore my brown pumps with my black slacks.

Of course, I didn’t notice until I arrived at work, looked down and saw brown peaking out from underneath my snot-slimed pants. The snail trail was easy to clean up in the bathroom. I’ve cleaned a lot of things off of myself in that bathroom. Yogurt, nose blood, nose slime, spit-up. I’m just lovely when I arrive at work! And I owe our durable paper towel supply a debt of gratitude I will likely never be able to repay. Really, I think if my employer paid me in paper towels, we’d probably be even.

My co-worker, when she finished giggling at my shoes and my self-directed eye-rolling, asked if I got dressed in the dark.

I think that’s a reasonable question, but I didn’t get dressed in the dark.

I think that “getting dressed while being a Mom” should be a thing.

Who’s with me?