Jeff’s Gigantic Face

Apr 24 2012

Just for fun, because it’s Tuesday morning (and Tuesday morning should be fun), this is my brother’s Facebook banner and profile picture:

Although I didn’t ask permission before sharing it with you which was unspeakably rude of me,Β I DID block out his last name which makes it all OK.

Honestly, though, when all of your Facebook posts come with this profile shot?

(Oh, look! It’s Jeff andΒ his gigantic face.)

With no explanation about its freaky-deaky application on the banner? You know, ever? Leaving people to wonder why – oh dear Heaven, why?? – you would electronically parade yourself about in this manner?

Well, it’s brilliant.

Brilliant, Jeff.


And also brilliant.

The End


P.S. Real post soon.

P.P.S. Maybe even today.

P.P.P.S. Feel free to leave comments for Jeff. They’ll make his day.