It’s National Intention Deficit Disorder Awareness Week! (I meant to tell you sooner.)

Jun 20 2012

Last week, I mentioned on Facebook that my husband believes he suffers from Intention Deficit Disorder.

Greg just told me he has Intention Deficit Disorder.

Now, if we discover that Intention Deficit Disorder runs in our family, that would explain a LOT of things, you guys. Like the filth. And most of the squalor.

(We intend to clean our house. I swear we do!)

Sometimes having the diagnosis is a relief, ya know? It’s like the confirmation that we’re not crazy. There IS a problem, and it has a NAME.

Although I’m not at all new to having intention deficits, I’m entirely new to it as a recognized disorder. I thought you might be, too, so I decided to become an advocate. An activist. A raiser of awareness! Woot!

I thought about what I might do. I pondered. I watched 4 episodes of Downton Abbey. And I decided all the way last Friday to make this week – June 18-22 – National Intention Deficit Disorder Awareness Week.

Every day this week, I meant to post on Intention Deficit Disorder, you guys. The highs. The lows. The stories of our fellow sufferers. The ways to reach out. The ways to find help.

But, then, well, life happened. And I didn’t get around to it. And I thought it was too late to start National Awareness Week mid-afternoon on a Wednesday in the summer. And that’s when I realized that I was wrong to continue to put this off. I can tell my own story, imperfectly and late, and highlight how very prevalent this disorder is. It seeps in, you know? It takes away time. Intention Deficit Disorder makes me feel unproductive because what I meant to do is not what I did. Even worse, it discounts the mountain of work I did do as worthless just because I didn’t intend to do it.

Well, pffttt on that!

Naysayers to the back of the line!

Onward and upward, I say!

That’s why I am thrilled to announce that this week is

National Intention Deficit Disorder Awareness Week
June 18-22 

And that’s not all!

I’m not just paying lip-service to this effort. Oh, no. I created a pamphlet.

I know! A whole pamphlet! Believe me, I understand your excitement, because we all know that the first step to getting help is reading a pamphlet.

And so, without further ado, I present to you The Intention Deficit Disorder brochure.



Contact me to order piles and piles of pamphlets so you can join me in blanketing the streets with them.

And, before you leave to do the things you intend to do today, take some time share your own stories and struggles with Intention Deficit Disorder below.