You are becoming.

Jul 12 2012

You are precious.

You are delightful.

You are loved.

You are loved by Love itself, and you are made in its image — the very image of the Divine.

Your story matters, beautiful girl.

Your story matters, beautiful, be-you-tiful girl.

Your unique story matters. With every breath and every laugh and every tear, you are writing your chapter in the world’s great saga. Stick with us. Stay. Because we don’t want to miss a single, crucial piece of God’s great plot, and only you can live your essential life.

You are a powerful, strong, able woman because Love’s got your back. When you’re weak and weary and lonely and lost, Love’s still got your back. Keep looking. Keep listening. Love’s with you. Love is.

You are becoming, sweetheart.

You are becoming.

You are becoming, meaning you are beautiful. Look at you. You are beautiful right now. You are beautiful as you are.

And you are becoming, meaning you are still in process.

You, lovely lady, are are a both/and woman. You are both beautiful right now and you are still in process.

You are becoming.

And you are enough.