Let’s Play Good News / Bad News

Aug 9 2012

Those of you whoย hang out with me on Facebook know that we occasionally play Good News / Bad News.

In addition to chatting with you about trips to the zoo, otter penises and endearing biker dudes, playing Good News / Bad News is one of my favorite Facebook games. But today I thought, Hey! Not all of you are on Facebook. Let’s play on the blog.

So that’s what we’re gonna do.

Here’s how it works.

I tell you my Good News / Bad News story. Like, for example:

Bad news – someone just wet my bed
Good news – that someone was not me
Bad news – it was my side of the bed. again.
Good news – the towel from when this kiddo wet my bed last week was still under the sheet to soak up most of the mess

Greg asked me if that wet bed/towel situation is a Glass Half Full thing or a Glass Half Empty thing. I think weย can all agree that the kid DRANK THE WHOLE DANG GLASS AND PEED IT ALL OUT and that Greg’s question is moot. Can’t we?

And then you tell me your Good News / Bad News story. Like when Kimi wrote:

Bad news – the baby pooped in her diaper
Good news – I had a sixth sense about it, and swindled Daddy into changing it
Bad news – because Daddy changed it, he left it sitting on the table within her reach, still open; she picked it up, pretended it was a telephone and put it to her ear

Or like when Fiona wrote:

Bad news: I got up at 5.30am with an inexplicably well-rested and perky three-year-old.
Good news: The sun is already shining – NO MORE RAIN!
Bad news: I was forced to watch the utterly dreadful movie “Thomas and the Magic Railroad” at 5.30am.
Good news: As a result, I now know what Frenchy from Grease did next in her acting career.

See how that works?

It’s such a great game.

Ready to play?


I’ll go first.

Bad news: I didn’t have a tissue yesterday we were at the zoo and Cai’s nose erupted in yellow goo that easily traversed his lips and climbed down past his chin and hung precariously over his white t-shirt, ready to jump.

Good news: I’ve been doing this mama gig for a while, and I think fast. I had his socks off in record time and managed to catch the giant booger before it slimed the shirt.

Bad news: Two other mamas witnessed my efforts. One gagged.

Good news: The other mama applauded.

Bad news: I forgot that I put the snot sock in my purse.

Other bad news: I needed my chapstick soon thereafter, and I reached blindly into my bag.

Great news: Snot dries super fast, so I mostly hit booger crystals and not so much goo. Whew!

So I guess now we all know how disease spreads so quickly at my house, yes?


Your turn!

What’ve you got in the Good News / Bad News department?

Can’t wait to read your stories!