How to Organize a Linen Closet

Sep 6 2012

I don’t fold clothes.

I just don’t.

I probably should fold clothes but I gave it up when children started running laps through my sanity and now I practice the art of not-folding, instead. There’s no doubt in my mind, in fact, that wild monkeys fold more laundry than I do; it’s a darn good thing they’re out there flinging poo through their jungle, friends, or I might feel a little inferior.

To date, our bizarre home organization systems have worked swimmingly.

Mostly swimmingly.

Except for one fly in the organizational ointment. A teensy, tiny fly. A miniscule, baby fly. More of a gnat, really.




Alright. The truth is, there’s no ointment; it’s just a giant vat full of flies. But let’s pretend, for the sake of brevity, that there’s only one fly and a whole lot of organizational ointment. Yes? Yes.

The problem, then, is with the linens.

The linens. Blarg. The linens!

Linens can be confusing. Complicated. Hard.

There are just so many of them, you guys. And they each have their own needs. Their own niche. Their own preferences for how I treat them and demands for careful handling. They all — every last one of them — resist being categorized and contained, and they glory in tumbling all over each other and making massive, mountainous messes.

Or maybe I’m projecting.

But those piles of mismatched bath towels? The bottom sheets that are impossible to fold? The myriad kitchen towels and washcloths and bath mats and pillowcases? Oh, yes. I know all about them. I do. For years, I tried to find the right place for my seldom-used table cloths and linen napkins, and I agonized over what to do with all three of my aprons. Or, if I didn’t exactly agonize over it, at least I occasionally contemplated it, which is practically the same thing.

That’s why I finally invented the easiest, ACTUALLY MAINTAINABLE linen organization system in the world.



Your money back if you’re not 100% able to maintain the heck out of this system.

And I will share it with you here because I love you and I want your life to be as easy and effortless as mine.

So, without further ado, here’s how to organize a linen closet like a boss.

It turns out, the organization gurus were right all along. You just have to make a place for everything, and put everything in its place. Simple.

And here’s the detailed break-down, for you nuts-and-bolts people.

Genius, right?

I hope this changes your life as much as it changed mine.



P.S. We usually leave the linen closet door open. Which is AWESOME because you can see it from the front door, so it’s totally available to greet guests and welcome them to our lovely home.

Yep. That’s right. How to Organize a Linen Closet and a Bonus Hospitality Lesson in one post. I give and I give. 😀


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