On Getting My Butt(s) Kicked

Sep 11 2012

I didn’t literally get my butt kicked, although I might know a certain 5-year-old who lives at my house who likes to beat his mama’s cheeks like bongos.

Your butts make beautiful music, Mom. Plus — bonus! — they jiggle wiggle jiggle wiggle.

No, I’m talking more about a figurative butt kicking.

As in, I am pooped, y’all.



I am worn every which way including, but not limited to, worn out, worn down and worn through.

I don’t know about you, but the first week of school took his big, steel-toed boot and riffed a butt bongo routine so complex and layered that it’s going to get him nominated for a Grammy. Best new artist! World Tour coming soon to an arena near you.

That’s our back-to-school update in a nutshell. Tired mama. Tired kids. Like all of America. But I’m glad that it’s fall anyway. The exhaustion of changing our routine is worth the payoff of having one again. I will tell myself that until I believe it’s true.

How about you? How’re you doing this second week of September? Updates requested. Please include the number of butts you have. I, apparently, have at least two.