Eye Contact and the Teenaged Child

Oct 30 2012

Abby’s 14. She told me today to quit doing that thing with your eyes, Mom. I might’ve been lecturing her a teeny, tiny bit at the time, but I think “gently sharing information” is probably more accurate than “lecturing,” Abby.

What thing with my eyes? I asked because I know there was no “thing” and she was just being dramatic.

You know, she said, that THING where you open your eyes WAY too wide and your eyebrows go up too high? It’s irritating, Mom.

I have no idea what she’s talking about. Teenagers can be so fussy, you guys.

It reminded me of that time when I was 14 and my dad told me to quit doing that thing with your eyes, Beth.

What thing with my eyes? I asked because I knew there was no “thing” and he was just being critical because he’s a father and fathers, like, don’t understand anything EVER, and GEEZ, DAD.

You know, he said, that THING where you close your eyes half way like Garfield? It’s irritating and disrespectful, Beth.

I still have no idea what he was talking about.

Sometimes I just feel so misunderstood, you know?