Last-Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Oct 31 2012

Hey, thanks to all of you who came to my Halloween Eve rescue with great, find-stuff-at-home, last-minute costume ideas.

Ian, the only one of my kiddos who attends a school that allows costumes, decided this morning to be a troll.

You may be confused, as I was, about what exactly the difference is between a troll, a zombie and a vampire.

A troll, it turns out, has horns (thank you, gel and hairspray!) and clean but ragged clothes. Minus the horns, we seem to be a family of trolls. Who knew?

A zombie is filthy, shambles instead of walks, and brains drip from its mouth.

A vampire wears black (never brown – geez, Mom), has fangs, and there’s blood all over its clothes.

Vampires and zombies, I guess, are messy eaters; I’ll bet their mommies take them straight to the tub when dinner’s over.

As you can see, this is a troll.


I asked my troll if they all have eyes this pretty, deep brown and doe-like.

And my troll said, “Mom. Stop. I’m a mean troll. Not pretty.”

But then he smiled and wrecked everything.

Happy Halloween from my trollish family!
Here’s wishing you a safe and fun holiday.

Also, I don’t mean to ruin my nice holiday wishes by being competitive, but on the Massive Candy Acquisition Front? We’re gonna take you down, friends.