Radical Acts of Self Care

Oct 17 2012

It’s not that I disagree with the concept in theory. It’s just that whenever someone tells me to “make time for myself” I wonder where I’m going to find a Magical Time Maker Machine. Right? I mean, I’ve looked online and I’ve asked around and I’m even open to a refurbished one, but Target’s been sold out for years and Goodwill never gets any in, which leaves me at a loss for how to proceed.

If you’ve ever wondered about mysterious Me Time, too, please join me over at Families in the Loop today where I’m talking about a new idea — the Radical Act of Self Care. And also about Betty Lou from Sesame Street and children who slam their heads into my lady parts. So, you know, the usual seamless writing you’ve come to expect from me.

When you get there, would you do me a favor? Would you share your own ideas for Radical Acts of Self Care? I would love to hear what you do because I’ll bet your ideas are even better than a Magical Time Maker. Or at least a little less mythical.

Thanks, friends.


Radical Acts of Self Care
a guest post for Families in the Loop

Anne Lamott talks from time to time about radical acts of self care.

Or maybe it’s Oprah.

Or Betty Lou from Sesame Street who’s one of the spiritual gurus of our time with her calm focus on kindness and sharing and befriending our fellow monsters.

A wise woman said it, anyway, except I feel they should be called RADICAL ACTS of SELF CARE, like that, in bold and all caps…

… come read the rest here, reposted from Families in the Loop.