The Five Kids Blog As It Appears On Instagram

Dec 18 2012

Do you Instagram? I’m there more and more often these days. Instagram is eking its way in to my favorite places to spend time online.

If Facebook is the living room of social media where we sit in sticky stuff on my couch and talk about things that are real and laugh at the stuff that doesn’t matter, then Instagram is the corner coffee shop with local art on the walls and snippets of real life caught in overheard conversations. Yeah, yeah; I hear Instagram is out to sell our stuff to the highest bidder (except I also hear they’re not), but I’m a total Pollyanna, folks. I like to use it. It’s fun!

Today we had a rare snow event here in our bit of Oregon. Here’s our day in Instagram images and captions:

1. Early morning. Rare snow day. Get up NOW, Mom!

(Nice mascara smudges and eye bags, lady.)


2. Winterizing the pipes?

Um, yes.
#Oops #PastTime


3. Pink snowsuit & Sponge Bob boots.
When you’re a little boy with big sisters,



4. Pink snowsuit #HandMeDown. He doesn’t seem traumatized.
Good thing we’re raising kids to pay for their own counseling, though,



5. Homemade snow cones from real snow and condensed juice.
This is our #FamilyTradition. Mmm!


6. Real hot chocolate! #Delicious.

Aaannndd… the #KidsHatedIt.


7. Middle schooler in the snow.

#HowToDress for school. #DressForSuccess.
I love #MyWeirdKid.


If you’re on Instagram, I’d love to follow you: leave your Instagram handle in the comments for me. I’m over there @5kidsisalotofkids.


P.S. Speaking of social media, I suck at Twitter. I do. For those of you who follow me there, I apologize for saying I’ll come to the party and never, ever showing up. That’s not cool. It’s just that Twitter’s a hot, hip bar where I’m neither hot nor hip. Every once in a while, I peek in the window or slip inside to stand in a corner with my drink but everyone’s talking all at once and not necessarily to anyone. I try to get it, but I just feel old and pathetic. Also, folks are succinct on Twitter, and I think we can all agree I’m terrible at succinct. I vow to keep trying, though, so that someday I may laugh at my Twanxiety. For now, feel free to share your Twitter tricks and tips. I’m all ears!

P.P.S. I’m not responsible enough to have a Pinterest account, but thanks to those of you who’ve suggested I hang out there. It sure is pretty in your neighborhood! Here’s hoping I learn to manage my time well enough to join you someday. Also, a big thanks to those of you who pin Five Kids blog stuff; that’s nice of you.

P.P.P.S. Instagram, etc. didn’t pay or otherwise compensate me for this post. I just think it’s fun to use, and I want to see your pics.