How to Keep Romance Alive UPDATED

Feb 27 2013

You know, I hate to be greedy and grabby and stuff-oriented, friends, but sometimes, sometimes, it feels good when Greg sends me stuff.

Stuff like flowers.

Flowers are good.

And jewelry.

Jewelry’s nice.


Always smart.


Guaranteed win in these parts.

We don’t always have the cash for that stuff, though. Five kids cost a lot of money. And so Greg and I try to show each other love in ways that are free. Like little love notes. Messages throughout the day that say, “Hey. I’m thinking about you.”

Messages like this one from Greg:

Fullscreen capture 2272013 124404 PM.bmp




P.S. We don’t really send each other sweet messages throughout the day. The most recent messages I sent Greg were:

  1. Kid sick. Need Pepto-Bismol tablets ASAP. Can you stop at the store?
  2. Can’t find my keys. HELP. Yes, I already looked in my purse.
  3. Wait. Nm. Found keys.
  4. Yes, they were in my purse. FINE.
  5. Drywall screen. If you buy some, I will clean the toilet.

You know what? I take it back. That last one was totally a love note.


P.P.S. My friend, Gwen, sent me a love note from her husband. She gave me permission to share it here with you.


And here’s the latest from Greg, who loves me very much and knows me well.