How to Use an Eye Phone

Feb 1 2013

Abby and I were in Portland last weekend for her dance convention. This is why:

photo 1 (42)

And, of course, this:

Abby flies

I love spending time in Portland. It soothes my soul.

photo 3 (31)

And I adore spending time with my oldest kid. Because even though we can be whiny and needy and human…, photo 2 (47) … she also teaches me important things I need to know like how to take trendy eyeball photos with (I’m so, so sorry about this) my eye-phone. Like this: photo (40)(Nice eyeball, Abby.)

Now, Abby and I have been talking a lot lately about the fact that acquiring knowledge is an empty exercise unless we can apply it with the next logical steps to real life situations. And it’s essential, really, that we parents model this type of life-long learning. Don’t you agree? photo 1 (40)Yes. Yes, I’m sure you do. photo 2 (46) photo 3 (30)Excellent. I hope we’ve all learned something today.

In other words, Happy Friday. And Happy Weekend. Not that weekends mean anything to parents, but it’s the thought that counts, right? The sentiment. Amen. xoxo, B

photo 1 (41)……….