Daylight Saving Time Kicks Butt

Mar 8 2013

Daylight Saving Time kicks butt.

And whose butt does it kick?

OUR butts, parents.


Our butts.


I originally posted this on Facebook.

In case you don’t hang out with us there, here’s other stuff that happened recently on the Five Kids Facebook page:

  1. Mockery is, too, a love language.
  2. Boogers.Β 
  3. We detangle things. Like hair. And life.

People are nice over there. You’re always welcome to join us.


So. Daylight Saving Time. Are you a fan or a foe?Β I’ve traditionally been a foe, but I’m working on myΒ attitude. (I just rolled my eyes when I typed that. What can I say? It’s a work in progress.)