How to Pack for Vacation in 3 Easy Steps

Mar 26 2013

One of my 6-year-olds packed his own suitcase for the beach. He was very methodical, following an organized, 3-step process, and, frankly, I think we can all benefit from his tutorial.

The great thing about this packing system is it’s straightforward, efficient, and it works for any trip of any length anywhere in the world. I’m going to share it with you here because I like you, but I’m warning you now, this is patent pending, folks.

How to Pack for Vacation
by my 6-year-old

Step 1:

photo 1 (49)

Pack one (1) stuffed animal.


Step 2:

photo 2 (56)

Jump HARD to pack it all down.


Step 3:

photo 3 (35)

Shove in a big book.


And that’s it.

All you need for any vacation. Anywhere. Ever.


P.S. I might’ve added a few pairs of undies to his suitcase after the fact. And a shirt. And pajamas, pants, socks, boots, and a coat. But that’s because I’m obviously an overpacker.

P.P.S. I might have a little chat with this kid’s future partner before they go on their honeymoon. Or not. 😉

P.P.P.S. What are your two must-have items when you head out of town? I’m having a hard time picking between coffee, my book, my phone, earplugs, and a really good bra.