Spread the Word to End the Word

Mar 6 2013

This is the most important thing I’ll say today.

I’m a mom of a kid with special powers. Sometimes people say he has special needs. Other times people say things that are terribly hurtful, sometimes without the intention to be mean. The r-word is one of those things. It’s always a painful thing to hear, even when they’re not referring to my son.

Did you know this fact? “‘Mental retardation’ was once a clinical diagnosis. When the words ‘retard’ and ‘retarded’ became derogatory slang, however, modern-day organizations, doctors and schools quit using that diagnosis.”

How about this one? “In 2010, Congress dropped the terms ‘mental retardation’ and ‘mentally retarded’ in federal health, education and labor laws and replaced them with ‘intellectual disability’ — and 43 states have passed similar legislation.” True story. Read more facts here.

Bottom line: Like all derogatory slang, there’s no reason to use the r-word. Ever. 

Today is the day we spread the word to end the word. Will you join me?


Will you consider leaving a quick comment of support for other parents of kids (and kids with) special powers? Sometimes we just need to know we’re not alone.