When is Hugging Time? A Flow Chart for Couples

Mar 6 2013

Greg was really huggy Saturday. I thought it was because I smelled like chocolate chip cookies, but that wasn’t it.

“You’re super huggy today,” I said to Greg.

And he said, “Well, you keep standing still and you’re not glaring, so…” And his “so” was the suggestive “so” like, “Standin’ still, baby, YEAH! It’s business time.”

I told my brother about the hugging, although my reason for doing so escapes me now. It was probably the migraine medicine. That’s what made me stand still and lose the glare in the first place. That stuff has far reaching implications, is what I’m saying; use with caution.

Anyway. I told my brother about all the hugging because that makes sense, and he found Greg’s explanation totally plausible. “You were standing still, Beth?” Jeff asked. I admitted it. “AND not glaring?” he clarified during cross-examination. “Yes, Jeff. That’s an accurate summary.” “Mm hm,” Jeff nodded as though confirming his diagnosis, and then he high-fived Greg with his mind.

Then Jeff made a flow chart to promote better understanding among couples because he has a master’s degree in counseling so he’s qualified to do this kind of thing. In case you’re confused about what leads to hugging, I’m sharing it here with you.


You’re welcome, friends. I share because I care.


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P.S. I didn’t write this post while I was on migraine meds. 

P.P.S. I’m lying.