In Case You’re Having One of Those Days

Apr 23 2013

Got out the grill last night and burned it. Not dinner. The grill. Well, dinner, too. No one was injured. Except the grill. And dinner. Dinner was salvageable. The grill was very injured. What with the burning and all.

My kid has a rash. Or bug bites. Or hives. Or allergies. Or poison oak. Maybe all of the above. He’s lumpy in places. Not places where there are usually lumps. I’m taking him to the doctor.

There’s a sign in the bathroom.

photo (56)“The hot water is off because it has a lick.” The sign has been there for 16 days. It’s a tough lick to fix.

Just in case you’re having one of those days, friends — a burned down, lumpy, licky kind of day — I want you to know…

Downton Abbey’s coming back. Some day. Like hope for the future. In the meantime, this:

Or, if you’re not a Downton Abbey fan, and you still need a pick-me-up, you can always ship your pants.

Sending love.



(Thanks, Sara Kelm, for the Downton link and Christine for the Kmart link!)