Back-to-School Photo Fails (and Funnies and Fabs!)

Sep 12 2013

Last week, I asked you to send me your Back-to-School Photo Fails. Maybe because our pics were less like the First Day of School and more like the First Day of the Zombie Apocalypse.

photo 2 (72)

Mm hm. I’ll be framing that one and nailing it to my entry way hall next to this self-portrait by my daughter. The one where she was supposed to replicate the other side of her real face.


That’s right. I’m putting these in a place of prominence so people coming into our house will know what they’re getting themselves into. It just feels right, you know?

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I proudly present…


Back to School Photo Fails and Funnies
by YOU


From Lara Risser: 5 years old. I begged her to smile.



From Gina Sampaio of Sister Serendip: 4 out of 5 headed to school. Preschooler pissed that she didn’t get to go yet and refused to participate. Dog is hoping someone spills their lunch.



From Serenity Dillaway: This is my husband, wearing a reindeer hat (not sure why), holding our twins, trying to explain to my new preschooler what to do.  She’s holding two signs – one I made with her age, and another she made, which says the same thing, apparently.  She refused to smile, even while I stood in the front yard yelling, “You can’t go to preschool unless you smile for a picture first!”



From Colleen Stout of Mommie Daze: I posted this picture of my husband on Facebook after I saw all these super-organized moms (I am so NOT one of them) posting adorable first day pictures of their kids holding up signs saying what grade they were in today.



From Jo Wagner: My oldest (almost 11 year old) hates having his pictures taken.  I told him to smile.  I threatened him.  I finally gave up…



From Aimee Stephens: My three smiling cherubs!  My 6 month old was just as happy that morning.

Aimee Stephens


From Jenn Goodwin: Clearly, my oldest is the studious type, while his sister is considering whether she will in fact acknowledge that he is her brother once they approach the playground.

Jenn Goodwin


From Jaclyn Butz: “It’s the first day of school. How do you feel about that?”



From Jacoba Alderink of A Yankee Mom in Texas: This was my version of “We can’t coordinate smiles to save our lives, so we’ll do the next best thing” that I made for Rob. Mastering the Art of Smile Timing…

Jacoba Alderink


From Carmen McAlister: These are a friend’s kids. They’re going into 6th and 8th grade and he was having a pity party for himself. They’re too cool for a regular picture with dad but this was ok…



From Carlie Nichols: My kids are reliable goofballs, and I’ve learned to just accept it.  We may not have photogenic milestones, but oh well!  I skip the dressy first day attire and am pleased if they are wearing not-too-obviously-stained clothing that they’ll easily be able to get on and off by themselves when using the bathroom.



From Ruth Davis: No way I’ll ever get a sensible photo out of these 2…

Ruth Davis


From Helen Abbott:



From Terri Sweetland: 



From Reinhard Hillefeld: Off they go! Ethan starting Third Grade, James in Fourth Grade, and Paige… apparently getting mugged.



From Carrie Cariello, author of What Color is Monday: This one looks decent….but don’t be fooled…check out Henry’s face all the way to the right.



Check out this picture we took at the beach.  That’s me, jumping for who only knows why.


(I bet I know why, Carrie! SCHOOL’S STARTING AGAIN. YIPPEE!)


And, finally, this one, which isn’t a fail or a funny but is incredibly joyful and heartwarming and fabulous…

From Heather of Team AidanThere’s nothing better than driving when waiting for your driver!



 So. Is school back in session for you? If yes, how’s it going? I ask because I care. And also because it’s kicking me in the teeth. HARD. So if it’s going super great for you, then hooray! YAY! Tell me all about it so I can live vicariously through you, please. And if it’s not, or if it is but you’re still oh-so-tired, then pull up a piece of mud, friend, and let’s sit here a while together.