5 Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall

Oct 18 2013

Yes, I know we’re two-thirds of the way through October. And I know many families began decorating for Fall on September 1. But just in case you’re like me, just in case you can’t seem to get your decorating ducks in a row, just in case your decorating ducks – and well, all your kinds of ducks – are still waddling around pooping on stuff, I thought we might review my:

Top 5 Tips for Fall Decorating
(or Remedial Fall Decorating for the Rest of Us)



Tip #1:

Sure, it’s obvious, but organization is important. Without organization, how will you find what you need? Or gather all those ducks? Now, there are lots of ways to organize things, and you need to find the method that works for you. As for me, I prefer to make sure all our stuff is out all the time so we can see everything and know exactly what we have to work with. For example, our garage is organized like this:

photo (87)

In the fall, this method is especially helpful, as it gives the house a very authentic, and yet terrifying, look. Haunted Chic, I call it.


Tip #2:
Create a Dead or Dying Landscape

photo 2 (73)

With this project, you’re looking to create a sort of Haunted House effect, but on the outside instead of just everywhere inside. The more dead plants, the better.

photo (83)

Even if all your plants aren’t quite dead yet (“I’m not quite dead yet!” <– name that movie), be creative! As an alternative, consider cultivating perennial weeds. Or, like me, you can let your the blackberry vines run wild which creates an intimidating barrier not unlike Maleficent’s Impenetrable Castle where Sleeping Beauty waits in a near-death state for the kiss of her one true love. Just gorgeous.


 Tip #3:
Use Leaves Generously

photo 1 (66)

The trick here is to maintain a generous number of leaves on the ground at all times. You’ll see other people raking theirs up, SQUANDERING decorations that took an entire summer to grow. Don’t follow their lead! Whimsically scatter leaves, or, better yet, let the wind and your children do the work for you.


Tip #4:
Use Lots of Silk

You want to be sure not to skip this one because it’s always a good idea to create a sense of luxurious living, especially we parents of young kids. Sometimes we just need a little something that says I’m Not a Total Train Wreck, you know? So use lots of silk to decorate. Fabrics. Pillows. Whatever. I prefer to get mine from spiders.

photo (84)

Lots and lots of spiders who make gorgeous silky designs just everywhere.

photo 5 (17)


Tip #5:
Make a Statement

photo (80)

Make a statement! A signature piece, if you will. Something that’s unique and speaks to who you are as person. The options are endless! For example, I made my front door into a chalkboard this year so I can make actual statements. I included the nice one here, for my twins’ 7th birthday. As opposed to the one I wrote today which says BEWARE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE.

Now, I admit, the process for this project takes quite a bit of time – approximately 10 years – but isn’t at all labor intensive, so I highly recommend you try it.

photo (88)

Here’s how you can make one, too:
1. Don’t wash the door. Like, EVER.
2. I mean, for 10 years NEVER wash, buff, repaint or otherwise care for the door.
3. Use chalk on the destroyed surface.

Optional: make sure the dog escapes regularly & scratches the hell out of the front door to get back in.


So there you have it! Five easy-peasy ways to decorate for Fall. And like all my helpful How To posts, I offer a full money back guarantee if you’re not able to make my system work as successfully as I do.

Happy Fall, friends!


Do you have an easy Fall decorating tip to share?
Leave it for us in the comments, please!


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