At the End of Thanksgiving Weekend, This Is for You…

Nov 30 2013

It’s the end of Thanksgiving weekend, and I don’t know about you but I’m sad it’s over because this holiday is one of my very favorites, and also WHEW; we made it! Hooray!

So this is for the moms who made the menus, and prepared the pies, and stood at the stoves, and stirred the sauces, and remembered the rolls, and greeted the guests, and welcomed the weirdos, and relaxed the routines, and laid down the law, and hugged the hooligans, and looked less than lovely, and stayed in their slippers, and never did rest.

And this is for the dads who guarded the grills, and carved the carcasses, and stood at the sinks, and did the dishes, and mopped up the messes, and tackled the teens, and bounced the babies, and never did rest.

This is for the grandparents who championed the children, and savored their stories, and sipped the Scotch, and loved the littles, and bolstered the bigs, and sat on the sofas, and, still, never did rest.

This is for the people who traveled with tots, and drove the distance, and slept in strange beds, and did things differently, all for family, and never did rest.

This is for the kids who shared their spaces, and took turns with their toys, and were kind to their cousins, and freaked the freak out, and threw the twelve tantrums, and came back around, and tried again, and never did rest.

This is for those who wished for wonder, and longed for less lonely, and hoped for more happy, and lived with less, and never did rest.

This is for all of us humans and heroes, wonderful weirdos, and messy magicians, and this is for Love, which never does rest.