A 15 Minute Project for Joy (and Terror)

Mar 20 2014

When she was in 3rd grade, my daughter drew a self-portrait in art class at school.

You know the assignment. Where they give you a picture of half your face and you’re supposed to duplicate it by drawing the other half?

That assignment.

This assignment.


God bless this child.

She’s going to knife us all in our sleep.

Also, these two buttheads decided to pose as zombies for their first day of first grade.

photo 2 (72)

Gosh, I love my weirdos.

All of which I’m telling you because yesterday sucked.

Not in the life-changing sucked kind of way. I mean, there were no new diagnoses or sordid confessions or abrupt halts or false starts. Nothing juicy.

Yesterday just sucked in the ho-hum, ALL THE THINGS kind of way.

So I decided yesterday’s project for our 40 Days of Lent: 15 Minute Projects would be Something – Any Thing – That Brings Joy. And I was VERY glad to see some of you took me seriously by eating Cadbury Eggs, sitting on davenports, and making side salads to go with leftovers for dinner. YOU ARE MY PEOPLE, and you do joy well, and I’m hoping you understand I really mean it.

For me, the Joyful Thing was framing my werewolf and zombie pictures and hanging them on my bedroom wall which shall henceforth be called Mommy’s Wall of Terror.

photo 1 (70)

Then I added my sons’ disembodied thumbs, cast in plaster on a kindergarten field trip to the dentist’s office, which I keep around for those times Thumbs Up are hard to come by.

photo 3 (53)

They work well at the base of the candelabra I found and didn’t dust.

photo 2 (76)

In the future, I plan to add these photos to the bunch.

photo 1 (25)


Because I think that’s what Jesus would do.

The End


LentIf you’re joining me for 40 Days of Lent: 15 Minute Projects, you can find today’s project here on the 5 Kids Facebook page or here in the Compiled List of all the 15 Minute Projects to Date



Environmental Living Tip of the Day

Since I’m patently Not Qualified to offer environmental living tips, I’ve asked my friend Leslie to join us here periodically during our 40 Days of Lent: 15 Minute Projects to offer tips, tricks and simple solutions to treat the earth better.

Today’s Tip: When purchasing kitchen utensils, try to purchase wooden utensils – eventually wood “return to the earth” or break down while plastic never will.

Leslie Hodgdon Murray is a Quaker pastor who is pursuing her Master’s of Divinity with an emphasis in Christian Earthkeeping. Her passion in life is helping people reduce waste, simplify life and reduce their ecological footprint. 



And Congratulations to Jenniffer Taylor who tackled her laundry room with her 15 Minute Projects.

Jenniffer writes: I am a 42 year old adoptive mother of three and Girl Scout troop leader who once upon a time was an artist and writer. Right now I get my creative expression being that annoying mom who makes amazing hand made invitations, Valentines cards and fancy cupcakes. But in full disclosure my laundry looks like this while I do it. I just need the creative outlet more than I need clean socks to wear. Other mom’s have different priorities and I can respect that. I often wonder if I should move cleaning up the list a bit but then I go lie down until it passes. I take a lot of naps. 

Jenniffer’s Before:

2014-03-07 17.13.46

Jenniffer’s After:

2014-03-07 17.46.14

Nicely done!