On a Mama’s Intuition (and Acne)

May 6 2014

I took a 1st grader to the doctor this morning. This is his 4th follow-up post surgery.

IMG_5565Although Greg and I argued about whether our son really needed to hear out of both ears (Greg: “He really does, Beth.” Me: “But GENERAL ANESTHETIC and he’ll probably DIE and you are SUCH A JERK and GAH!”), Greg prevailed, and so Cai got a brand new ear drum at the end of March, and, to go along with it, better hearing. Whatever, Greg.

But Cai’s been having a problem ever since surgery with a little spot on the skin above his ear canal. It’s small but red, swollen and painful to the touch, and, since they had to essentially remove his ear for the procedure, cutting it from behind, flopping it forward and then reattaching it (I know; gag), I knew we had to get it checked by the doctor because INFECTION and GANGRENE and he’ll probably DIE.

IMG_5562The doctor asked Cai lots of questions like, “Where does it hurt?” and “Only when you touch it or all the time?” and “How long have you had it?” before examining it with his bright light and magnifying lens. 

And thank God for Dr. Burningham’s diligence (and, not to pat myself on the back too much, but also for a Mama’s Intuition), because when he finished, the doctor looked at me and diagnosed Cai with…

…wait for it…

…a clogged pore.

“A what, Mom?” asked Cai.

“A clogged pore,” said I.

“What’s that?” asked Cai.

“A pimple,” said I.

“What’s that?” asked Cai.

And I looked at the doctor and the doctor looked at me and I sighed, because clearly it was my job as the mommy to break the news in a way my kid could understand.

“You know those red dots on Mommy’s face? The ones you point out every single time they appear?” asked I.

“Oh yeah,” said Cai.

“That’s a pimple,” said I.

“Gross,” said Cai.

“Yep,” said I.

And that’s the exciting news from our morning.

How was yours?


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Announcing our winners for this Tuesday’s lunch with the Oregonian Omamas and me at the Portland Art Museum: 
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