The One Problem with HelloFlo’s New “First Moon Party” Video

Jun 19 2014

You’ve probably seen the latest hit YouTube video by now. HelloFlo is back this summer with the following “First Moon Party” video to plug their first period care packages to mamas of young teen girls:

And look. I get it. This video is funny. I’m a woman. I’ve had a period 75% of my life. I’ve got 15- and 12-year-old daughters, so it’s hilarious, OK? And I might have cried tears of joy while watching it. And made everyone over age 8 in my house – including the 15-year-old’s boyfriend – watch it. On repeat. Until they forced me to stop because they had “other things to do with their day.” Which, whatever.

But there is one glaring problem with the content of this video that we’d be wrong to ignore, and it’s this:


That part of this video is a lie.

A Uterus Piñata is, like, every paper mâché project ever created. In the history of the world. They’re all uteruses, friends. Every single one, made by every preschooler and grade schooler and well-intentioned, craft-high, of-course-kids-plus-paper-plus-a-giant-vat-of-watery-glue-is-a-great-idea mom. They all end up looking exactly like uteri.

That paper mâché balloon? It’s a uterus.

Paper mâché ball? Uterus.

Paper mâché planet? Green and blue uterus. 

And excuse me for getting defensive, but Uterus Piñatas are, like, the only Pinteresty project I can do well, so back up the truck, HelloFlo. Back. It. Up.

P.S. Here’s what we really do in our family to celebrate our daughters’ coming-of-age.

And P.P.S. Brilliant advertising, HelloFlo. Well played. Well played, indeed.