I Went to the Wilderness, I Squat-Pottied in Idyllic Locations, I Didn’t Check the Internets for a Week, and Whovians Hijacked This Blog

Oct 7 2014

IMG_0641APPARENTLY — *ahem* — there was a teeny, tiny, little hijacking of this blog whilst I was away, kayaking down the idyllic Green River for days and days, taking in stunning vistas, squat-pottying in a delightful, shared metal poop box called a groover which is not unlike a desert-powered slow cooker for collected feces, and blissfully not monitoring the nefarious blog coup underway. 

I hold Greg responsible. 

And you Whovians for encouraging him.

Yes. Greg and you myriad Whovians are clearly at fault for the blog coup.

I could not stop laughing this morning from my hotel room in Salt Lake City as I read through your dismay and disgust at my lack of Whovian follow-through.

Also, you’re all very awesome and I love you very much, even though you willfully aired my dirty Whovian laundry and, in my absence, signed me up for remedial Whovian indoctrination. Remedial InDoctorination, as the case may be. 

I admit, I’m a Doctor Who tease, leading Greg on by watching a couple of episodes and then ditching him to read much more urgent, but definitely quality vampire / werewolf literature in the evenings, ensconced in bed, head on pillow, comforter pulled to my chin, actively shunning his desperate and occasionally pathetic Whovian pleading.

As for Greg’s comparison between Outlander and Doctor Who, while admittedly brilliant, I have just one thing to say:


It’s just… Outlander has Jamie, and Doctor Who doesn’t, and if you’ve read more than 30% of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, I know you know what I know. YOU KNOW WHAT I KNOW, you know? I mean, I haven’t watched Outlander episodes 7 or 8 yet… the episodes for which I’ve been waiting with breathless anticipation… but I remain confident I have placed my faith in the correct, hot, fictional character.  

Unfortunately, what I hear you saying about the Doctor is that you know what I don’t know, and that I should know what you know, and that, if I wasn’t quite so stubborn, I’d already know what you know, and that, for the sake of my marriage and all that is right and good in the universe, I ought to trust what you know ’til I know it, too.

In conclusion, I hate to admit when I’ve lost, but I’ve lost.

I’ll give the Doctor another try.

Wish Greg luck.


P.S. Greg was right to talk to you. He knows I will do things for you that I won’t do for him. Although I will also do certain things for Greg that I won’t do for you, so I feel like that’s fair. 

P.P.S. I’ll tell you more about the Green River in the future, but if you’re curious in the meantime about the details of what we did, you can follow my friend and trip leader John’s blog, Just Finding Our Way. So far, he’s posted about Packing and Day Zero. He’ll post Days 1-12 soon. My dad and I join the trip on Day 6 at Mineral Bottom.

P.P.P.S. My tent last week was Tardis blue.