Let’s Play Good News / Bad News

Nov 9 2014

Sometimes we play Good News/Bad News. We played a few days ago over on the 5 Kids Facebook page. Now I have an update! So I thought we’d play here, too.

I’ll go first, starting with last Wednesday’s Good News / Bad News and then updating you to the present.

Here we go!

Good News: We did not have to take a kid to the hospital tonight.

Bad News: The kid may have a cracked jaw.

Good News: He can eat!

Bad News: But not solids.

Good News: We have access to effective over-the-counter pain medicine in this country.

Bad News: He couldn’t swallow it.

Good News: And then he did!
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Bad News: His sister did this to him with a pool noodle, her shoulder and some mad ninja spinning skillz. 

Good News: She says it wasn’t on purpose.

Bad News: All the witnesses disagree with her.

Good News: Someone bit her at Youth Group tonight. HARD. There are tooth marks and a bruise.

(Maybe that was Bad News. I’m getting confused.)

Bad News: It was her brother who bit her.

Good News: Not the same brother whose jaw might be cracked. He could’ve re-injured himself.

Bad News: I gotta figure out what to do with the Pool Noodle Ninja AND the Biter. Sheesh.

Good News: It’s bedtime, so I’m doing NOTHING ’til tomorrow. 


That was Good News / Bad News from Wednesday.

Now that it’s Sunday, I have follow-up Good News / Bad News. 



Good News: The kid’s jaw wasn’t cracked, and he could totally eat solids 2 days later. 

Bad News: The Pool Noodle Ninja and the Biter had to suffer unreasonable consequences like Doing Nice Things for the Siblings They’d Wounded. For a WHOLE DAY. Which was TORTURE.

Good News: The human spirit is resilient and everyone bounced back.

Bad News: That kid whose jaw wasn’t cracked? The 8-year-old, 60-pounder of a kid? Got bit in the leg by a dog this weekend. BIT. By a dog. A big dog. With a big, huge mouth. Like, puncture wound kind of bit, not like scratched-and-scared kind of bit. BIT bit.

Good News: The human spirit is resilient and everyone bounced back. Again. Even this mommy who has her own teeny, tiny history with dog bites… and who, you know, has a nose made partially out of ear, some pretty darn good facial scarring (if I do say so myself), and a nice number of reconstructive and plastic surgeries to my credit thanks to my own childhood run-in with a dog. Still – we are resilient, man! We will overcome!

Bad News: The kid’s playdate at the friend’s house – the one with the dog – was shorter than he’d hoped what with all the wound-cleaning and couch-sitting and doctor-calling and mommy-rocking-her-baby-boy that had to be done. Mostly for the mommy’s sake, but whatever.

Good News: They still got to play together because, “NO, I do NOT want to go home, Mom. They put that dog in the backyard, you know, and we still have to play Minecraft ’cause they have mods. Doy.” 

Bad News: My kid’s mom has all the wrong priorities – Minecraft FIRST; freaking out over dog bites SECOND. Stupid moms.

Good News: The other kid’s mom had a really, really good selection of calming teas, which, let’s be honest, we both needed. And my kid’s mom has a bathtub and beer, both of which she used liberally this weekend. 


So PHEW! You know? Phew. We survived the weekend, and I am not even exaggerating this time. We lived through it, and PHEW!

And now it is YOUR TURN to play Good News / Bad News. Please do share. It’s always more fun when we play together.

Here are a couple examples from our Facebook sharing, just to inspire you…

From Ryann:
Good News: I was able to get into my car tonight at work.

Bad News: I only was able to do that after calling my husband and yelling at him because the battery and my emergency key wouldn’t work on the car.
Good News: It was the wrong car I was trying to get into with my keys. 
Bad News: I’m getting so old and forgetful I spent 10 minutes using my keys on someone else’s car.

Good News: I wasn’t arrested for attempted car theft.


From Miranda:
Good News: The lake is frozen thick enough we can skate on it!

Bad News: My 4th grader took a hockey stick to the face and busted his lip and front tooth.
Good News: It was cold enough outside to at least keep the swelling down.
Bad News: All the blood froze where we skate. How to you get frozen blood off of a frozen lake?

Oh my gosh, you guys. I just love you all SO MUCH. 

So what’ve you got, friends? Do tell…