In Case You Missed Sibling Day

Apr 11 2015

Yesterday was Sibling Day.

If you were on Facebook, I’m sure you noticed.

Your Facebook feed probably looked like mine, with pictures like this one:


And this one:


And this one:


And this one:


And this one:


And this one, which is my favorite, because it’s my friend, Mike, with his brother, Shane, and,…


…as Mike wrote, “Shane lives with autism, and I live as his little brother. Shane uses the Bert and Ernie puppets to express emotions he can’t express on is own. So of course they were invited to our wedding. They wore bow ties.”

Which is RAD.

But just in case you’re like me and you didn’t look at Facebook ’til late at night which is when you went, “SHOOT!” and “CRAP!” and “I MISSED ANOTHER IMPORTANT FACEBOOK DAY!” like that time you missed International Women’s Day and, even worse, the time you missed National Doughnut Day, I want you to know It’s Not Too Late.

It’s NEVER too late to participate in important occasions

All you have to do is this: figure out what the spirit of the holiday is — the real, TRUE meaning behind the day — and do something that honors the intent that underpins it all.

For International Women’s Day? Honor an important woman in your life.

For National Doughnut Day? Eat the heck out of fried, sugary dough.

And for Sibling Day? Take a minute to tell your sibling you haven’t forgotten him. 

Like I did for my brother.


“How come you didn’t post a cute picture of me with you for Siblings Day, Jeff? You’re a jerk.”

Which is TOTALLY as sweet as what Mike did for his, and is, I’m sure we can all agree, completely in keeping with the spirit of Siblings Day.

Happy Belated Siblings Day, everyone.

In conclusion, don’t wait another day to tell your brother he’s a jerk. I’m sure it’s what Jesus would want you to do. (Or Jesus wants you to be like Mike. Whatever, Jesus.)