8 Days of Giveaways! Day ONE: Eclectic Christmas

Dec 8 2015

I don’t usually do giveaways here at the Five Kids blog, mostly because giveaways require things like organization and forethought, and I have FIVE KIDS so organization and forethought are in very, very short supply around these parts. But there are things about this last season — this last season of politics and rhetoric and shootings and bombings and people who are hurting in the darkness — that have made me feel at times helpless and afraid.

We’ve talked about things we can do that are actually helpful.

We’ve talked about looking for Light in the darkness and our unreasonable, relentless, resilient hope.

We’ve talked about living between the Hallelujahs and sitting in the mud together when we just can’t muster the energy to take one more step.

We’ve talked about waiting and searching and waving in dark to the others who, like us, long for the dawn.

And, well, after all that, I just wanted to do something small for you. Something to thank you for being my community. Something to thank you for being my ComeUnity and beckoning unity closer; my reminder that you’re out there in greater numbers than we sometimes know — the good people who are also a little bit bad and always wild and weird and wonderful.

So I thought about what I might do. And I lamented that I can’t send you all gifts. And then I remembered my artist friends who create beautiful things and fun things and deep things and light. And I asked them if they might — maybe — be interested in partnering with me to share a few of my favorite things with you. And they said YES. And ABSOLUTELY. And so here we are, and I get to spend the next 8 days giving away 8 things, which isn’t enough, but hopefully giving away to all of you, too, the reminder that someone is thinking of you and is, as the Quakers say, holding you in the Light.



So here we go…

8 Days of Giveaways:
Day ONE!

Today, I get to give away my FAVORITE new Christmas CD — Eclectic Christmas. You guys, this CD walks a line between traditional and fun and has a distinct jazz overtone that makes me want to sit with you in a smoke filled bar in New Orleans and sip whiskey under strings of mismatched Christmas lights while we chat the night away, serenaded by new takes on old tunes. It’s what I so often wish the church always was — welcoming and warm and a little bit wonky.

This giveaway is now closed.
Congratulations to Tracey S. and Kirsten Glinke!

TO ENTER this giveaway, simply leave a comment on this blog post (not on Facebook — though I LOVE comments there and read every one). Any comment at all will do, but if you need a prompt, I’ll ask you… what’s your favorite holiday song? My latest is Three Ships on this CD — the mash-up they did with The Water is Wide slays me, friends — it’s everything hopeful about advent.


You may enter this giveaway until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Thursday, December 10. After that, I’ll announce 2 CD winners.

Do Note: I’ll have multiple giveaways going — one every day for 8 days and each of them open for 48ish hours, so check back every day to see what new giveaways there are!

And Also Note: This giveaway is open worldwide. None of this “America only” crap. We do not have time for America Only in this ComeUnity. 

And no matter what, friends, know this: I think of you often and love you a lot. I’m exceedingly glad you’re my people.






P.S. If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, Eclectic Christmas is performing three times the weekend before Christmas; in Newberg on Friday, December 18 (details here),  in southwest Portland on Saturday, December 19 (details here), and again in Newberg on Sunday, December 20 (details here.)

P.P.S. My family is going to the final performance. Come with us! We would LOVE to see you there.

P.P.P.S. If you can’t wait to win or want to buy copies for Christmas gifts like I am, you can get it at CDBaby.com or search for “Eclectic Christmas” on iTunes. If you want an old-school physical CD, let me know and I’ll forward your request to the musicians, who can ship you one.

P.P.P.P.S. The artists selected for this giveaway were hand-picked by yours truly. They did not pay for these spots, nor do I benefit in any financial way by hosting these. Emotionally? I get a HUGE benefit. ‘Cause this stuff makes me happy. Each artist received a spot on the right sidebar (or, if you’re viewing on your mobile, at the bottom of the page) to advertise his/her stuff (hint: you can catch a preview there of what’s coming over the next few days), which is my gift to them to thank them for partnering with me. They’re rad.