How to Decorate for Christmas (Using the Very FIRST Christmas as Inspiration)

Dec 18 2015

Let’s be honest. Christmas has drifted a teensy, tiny bit away from the meaning behind it all. From the Reason for the Season. From the very FIRST Christmas. But I? I AM HERE TO RESCUE IT, friends, and you? You’re invited to join me.

Christmas these days seems to be full of beautiful things. Bright, shiny stars perched atop twinkling trees. Children in pristine, pressed clothes going to church. Lovely, hand-carved nativities nestled in ivy decorating dust-free mantels hung with stitched stockings. You know? You know that Christmas?

Well, we’re ready for Christmas here at my house, too. Real ready. Real, REAL ready. Except with more of a vintage feel. An authentic feel. A Back to Basics Because We Care about the FIRST Christmas feel. And JESUS, you know? We want to relive the First Christmas from the Jesus and Mary and Joseph perspective. As much as possible, anyway, in our 21st century home.

Which is why this year we’ve committed to going for more of a “the cattle are lowing” decorating scheme.


And a motif that screams, “Yes! Yes, we were born in a barn.”


We’re into authenticity, see, not sanitized versions of Scripture.


Because WE CARE ABOUT HOLINESS, amirite?


I mean, not to say we’re more Godly than you, or Christ-like, or have the Favor of the Lord upon us, but we do live and smell pretty much exactly like shepherds of old, all sleeping-with-the-animals, and no-showers-for-days, and at-one-with-the-grit-and-the-grime, and I am saying the angels appeared unto them, so they must’ve been doing something right, man.


I don’t share any of this — or the pictures of our home, decorated to perfectly match our theme for the year — to make you feel badly about your Christmas preparedness or to hold myself up as better or brighter than you.


I’ve simply been doing this Keeping House and Holiday Decorating and Parenting gig for a long time now, and feel I may have some tips and perspective to offer.

In conclusion, if you’d like to join us for an authentic FIRST Christmas feel this year with all your Christmas decorating and preparation, please do feel free. We’d love to have you on board.

Merry Christmas from my barn to yours,






P.S. For a truly authentic tree topper, I suggest stealing your daughter’s favorite stuffed animal — a sheep, handmade by a friend who felted old sweaters — and impaling it at the top. It’s a real conversation starter, I tell you. And also another reason it’s so important to raise your children to be self-sufficient enough to pay for their own counseling. Win/win, I tell you. Win/win.