Alrighty Then

Apr 23 2016


I’m back.

I mean, I’ve been back, but now I’m back in this space, too, and I’ve missed you.

Greg and I are back from our lengthy vacation, and I meant to write to you days and days ago, immediately on my return, except life got extra lifey so instead of writing you I’ve had a migraine for days, and my kid needs Ear Surgery #4, and there are bills and bills to open and presumably pay, and the Magical Cleaning Fairies still haven’t cleaned the kitchen or the bathrooms or finished mining the myriad mountains of laundry because those damn fairies never ever show up even though I ask and ask, and I think we should talk to the Better Business Bureau about them because I hear I’m not the ONLY one with this problem and, frankly, I’m tired of their slacker ways.

In other words, it’s general Upheaval and Chaos and Mayhem around here, like usual, so I don’t have a particularly good excuse for not writing, but you, my friends, are typically unreasonably kind so you have only yourselves to blame for me feeling as though you’ll forgive me and welcome me back anyway. It’s what we do here, after all; welcome each other even, or especially, when we’re lagging, and behind, and slower than we intended, and limping kind of dramatically along life’s trail, or just quitting for a while altogether. We welcome each other anyway to the muck and the madness and the grime where we look for magic and grace and sometimes find it.

Vacation was wonderful — sea, sun, sleep, sex — and would have been perfect if I didn’t have to bring myself everywhere I go, but, alas, I’m stuck with me and with my brain, and so most of most days were good, except some of some days when my heart beat too fast, and I couldn’t quite catch my breath, and I had to skip going with Greg to a beach I’d Very Much wanted to go to when I was planning the trip with my Calm, Anticipatory Brain instead of navigating the trip with my Wonky, Panicky Brain. All in all, though, we accomplished the goal of vacation which is to vacate, so Good Job, Us!

Also, I did NOT Completely Freak Out and Scream and Cry and Lose My Ever-Loving Shit because I was Certain My Children Would Perish in My Absence, which is far, FAR better than some of the trips we took when my mental health was, well, less well managed than it is now. And so, HOORAY!

Also-also I finished the Book Proposal in its first full draft which is now with the literary agent who shall send it back with Recommendations for Revision so I can hack away at Round Two. WOOHOO!

Also-also-also, I really like the book proposal — like, really like it ( <– brilliant phrases like this are why I’m a writer, man) — and can’t wait to get moving on it so we can experience it together because I’ve never been good at waiting to share Good Things. I want us to have them all RIGHT NOW. Still, HOORAY!

All of which is to say, it was good and right to go away, and great to be back in the mess. More soon, friends.





Mexico1P.S. There are still a few spots left at TWO upcoming retreats in June. I would LOVE to hang out with you there. If you’ve been thinking about it, or if you have any questions, or if you want me to talk you into coming, email me at These retreats are my Favorite Things EVER because they breathe life into my weary, waiting soul, and I want to share that with you.


The Magic in the Mess Writing Retreat makes space for writers to explore their creative voices, discover a supportive writing community, and give shape to the messy but beautiful stories we each carry with us.



The Grace and the Grime Spiritual Formation Retreat exists to create space to deepen our experience with God in an authentic, encouraging environment. In addition to the grounded and the graceful, we welcome those who are weary, wary or unsure, and we believe we’re all wildly worthy of love and grace.