{Optional 4th night addition. See below for details.}

Unplug and reset as you spend a weekend learning simple, secular mindfulness practices in a supportive community. This Mindfulness Retreat will take place in a spacious and restful Oregon coast location, right on the beach in Seal Rock.


Mindfulness is taking care of our nervous system. It is noticing what’s happening right now. It is using curiosity instead of judgment. It is digesting the intensity of being human.

    • Mindfulness is a momentary stategently shifting out of our reptilian fight or flight circuitry to meet the moment with our whole brain and heart...the spaciousness of responding instead of the constriction of reacting...an expansive awareness in this moment of the richness of being alive.
    • Mindfulness is a growing traitan increasing quality of presence...an increasing ability to “be with what is” in each moment, instead of resisting it or running from it…a growing capacity to meet our experience moment to moment with acceptance and compassion.
    • Mindfulness is a proactive practice…Breathing. Paying attention to our body. Paying attention to our emotions. Gratitude and heartfulness.

Asealrock3t the Mindfulness Retreat, we offer: 

  • A relaxing environment, where skilled cooks prepare your meals and pour your wine.
  • An encouraging community of people 
  • Quality group and individual coaching sessions led by Heidi Hopkins (see Heidi’s bio below).
  • Down time
  • Ample opportunities for discussion and laughter, naps and yoga, movies and hikes, opportunities for introverts and extroverts alike.
  • Quite possibly naked hot tubbing, questionable language, and stories with way, WAY too much personal information, because Beth Woolsey will be there and she’s not very socially appropriate.

Here’s what a previous participant had to say:

Truly everything about the retreat was shocking in how incredible it was. Location, people, food, teaching, the balance of teaching and free time, the love and sincerity of everyone there. I would go again in a second and recommend it to anyone.”



Osealrock2UR LOCATION: Seal Rock, Oregon Coast

GROUP SIZE: 15 participants maximum + 5 staff

INCLUDED: Your retreat includes all group sessions and materialslodging, meals, wine, WiFi, linens, activities, and more.

GROUP MINDFULNESS SESSIONS: Each group session will include time for teaching, discussion, and practice as we learn about:

  • The history and science of mindfulness practice,
  • mindful breathing,
  • mindfulness of the body,
  • mindfulness of emotions,
  • heartfulness, and
  • mindful communication (this session will be led by Jill Beals).

Please Note: This is a completely secular retreat; therefore, there will be an optional breakout session for those who want to discuss integrating mindfulness into an existing spiritual tradition or practice. (Please indicate interest when registering).

QUIET PRACTICE ROOM: We will also have a dedicated, quiet space available with various stations for exploring and deepening your practice.

OPTIONAL INDIVIDUAL SESSION: There are 4-6 slots available for individual coaching with Heidi for a fee of $50; you may sign up once you get to the retreat or in advance (indicate when registering).sealrock9

ACCOMMODATIONS: We will be staying on the Oregon Coast at a gorgeous 7-bedroom, 6-bath house with panoramic views. With stunning ocean vistas, comfortable meeting spaces, a hot tub with a view of the Pacific Ocean, and meals prepared for us on-site paired with wine, this will be a retreat to remember.

ROOMS and RATES: Your retreat includes everything listed in “included” above. You may choose from the room and bed types below when selecting your rate, (those items crossed out like this are already sold), OR you may select a “Put Me Anywhere” rate at $475/person, the lowest rate with the possibility you’ll be upgraded to a higher bed type/room for no additional fee.

BEDROOM #1: Single or Double Occupancy
King Bed
Private Bath
Ocean Front
Cost: $575/person to share with another retreat participant
or $999 to reserve the room as a single occupant

BEDROOM #1B: Single Occupancy
Bottom Bunk
(Note: No one will be assigned to the top bunk.
This bunk is located in a teeny, tiny, but private space.)
Shared Bath
No Ocean View
Cost: $530

BEDROOM #2: Double or Triple Occupancy
King Bed + Full Futon
Private Bath
Ocean Front
Cost: $575/person to share the King Bed
(or $999 for single occupancy of the King Bed);
$600/person for the Full Futon, unshared

BEDROOM #3: Double or Triple Occupancy
King Bed + Full Futon
Private Bath
Ocean View
Cost: $575/person to share the King Bed
(or $999 for single occupancy of the King Bed);
$600/person for the Full Futon, unshared

BEDROOM #4: Single or Double Occupancy
Queen Bed
Shared Bath with Bedroom #5
Ocean View
Cost: $475/person to share with another retreat participant
or $999 to reserve the room as a single occupant

BEDROOM #5: Double or Triple Occupancy
King Bed + Single Bed
Shared Bath with Bedroom #4
Partial Ocean View
Cost: $550/person to share the King Bed
(or $999 for single occupancy of the King Bed);
$575/person for the Single Bed

BEDROOM #6: Single or Double Occupancy
Queen Bed
Shared Bath with the Bunkroom
No Ocean View
Cost: $475/person to share with another retreat participant
or $800 to reserve the room as a single occupant

BUNKROOM: Quadruple Occupancy
Shared Bath with Bedroom #6
No Ocean View
Cost: $500/person


OPTIONAL 4th NIGHT: Extend your retreat by a day though November 13th. $125/additional fee per person.


FOOD: All meals from dinner the evening you arrive through breakfast the morning you depart will be provided onsite, including full brunches, snacks available constantly and delicious dinners. If you have food allergies or sensitivities, please let us know when you register.

TRANSPORTATION: Rates do not include transportation to/from the retreat. If you need ground transportation, we can provide information or make arrangements for you. 


  1. Email Maggie Peterson at petersonm1@spu.edu
  2. Use “Mindfulness Retreat Registration” in your subject line.
  3. Include the following information:
    • Your first and last name.
    • Your bed/rate preferences, listed in priority order (i.e. 1. king bed, 2. futon, 3. bottom bunk) OR select the $475 “Put Me Anywhere” rate. 
    • Want an additional night? If you’re staying through September 13th for a 4-night retreat (instead of 3), let us know. $125/person fee.
    • Roommate requests, if any.
    • Food allergies or sensitivities, if any.
    • Your questions or other requests. For example, this is a great place to let us know you’re flying into Portland and will need ground transportation information! 

Within 24 hours of receiving your email, we will send you additional information, including how to make your payment. PLEASE NOTE: Your registration is not complete until you have paid in full. 

Cancellation Policy: Because we’re already incurring expenses related to this event, reservations are nonrefundable. That’s the policy. However, if you find you’re not able to attend, please do let us know as soon as possible. We’re not jerks; we’ll try to work with you. For example, if we can find someone else to pay to take your place, we’ll deduct a $75 administrative fee (’cause setting this stuff up is a lot of work, friends) and the send the rest back to you. OK? OK.


IMG_4730MINDFULNESS EDUCATOR: Heidi Hopkins has been on a contemplative path for the last 15 years, studying, practicing and teaching. She graduated with BA in Human Biology from Stanford University over 20 years ago and has been fascinated by the brain and body ever since. Heidi values the central role the brain, nervous system, and body play in mindfulness practice, and appreciates the way this distinguishes mindfulness from some other contemplative or spiritual practices. Heidi has trained in a variety of schools and settings since college, most recently with Richard Rohr in the Living School for Action and Contemplation and with Mindful Schools. She is currently teaching mindfulness to students at the local public middle school as well as creating a mindfulness practice space in the school–turning the detention room into an “intention” room. Heidi is heartened by the simplicity, secularity, and accessibility of mindfulness practice. And she is humbled daily by her own ongoing need for the practice. She looks forward to practicing and learning with you!

beth-equals-boss-099RETREAT FACILITATOR: Beth Woolsey is the writer and humorist behind the Five Kids Is A Lot of Kids blog where she writes frequently about pee and Jesus, but not usually at the same time. She’s been described by readers as “optimistic, authentic, poignant and laugh-out-loud funny, [capturing] the mom experience with all its pathos and humor,” and she was named one of Sheknows.com’s Top Five Moms Who Will Make You Laugh Out Loud. Beth’s true passion lies in creating authentic communities full of imperfect people. She loves wild truths and unreasonable grace, and she’s really far too loud for polite society.     

RMaggieETREAT COORDINATOR: Maggie Peterson is a friendly and energetic human from Seattle, Washington and graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a Bachelor of Arts in French and Francophone Studies. She is currently managing vacation rentals on the Oregon Coast, even the one we will be staying at for the retreat! She loves good food, being outside, getting rowdy and investing in people in her community, so enjoy her youthful presence and don’t be intimidated by her “nudity-builds-community” approach to bonding.               

petersonFOOD, WINE, ACTIVITIES AND HOSPITALITY: Polly and Maggie Peterson are a mother/daughter team in charge of all things hospitality! Their mission is great food, fabulous wine and warm welcomes for all coming to this retreat. Polly is an English/Writing professor and playwright from Newberg, Oregon. Polly believes every person is valuable and has something important to say; as such, she takes a holistic approach to writing, caring as much about what the writer wants to say as how she says it.


We are LGBTQ friendly and a safe space.

If you identify as LGBTQ and have questions about attending any of the retreats we offer and/or accommodations we provide, please contact me directly at fivekidsisalotofkids@gmail.com.

With love,

House and beach photos courtesy of Seal Rock Oceanfront Home