Of Mice and Men

Ah, the blessed sound of snoring children.

A perfect end to a busy day.

We did it!

We made it to California with three kids in tow, and we hit Disneyland for 2 hours before bedtime.

Traveling with small kids is never easy, but always entertaining.

I’ve traveled enough that I have some tricks up my sleeve.  In the Unsolicited Travel Tips category, I offer you this list of items to pack for plane trips with little ones: ...  read more

Vacation Photo Contest

In 2003, we went to Guatemala to adopt Ian and Aden.

We brought along my mom, my brother, and our oldest daughter Abby.

Abby in Antigua, Guatemala 2003

While we were busy managing the bewilderment of our 1- and 3-year-olds upon their abrupt addition to our family, working on perfecting our multiple-child parenting techniques,

Greg and Ian, Guatemala City Airport, 2003

and helping our 4-year-old adjust to two new siblings,

Abby and Ian, first day being a sister and brother, 2003

my brother was busy appreciating Guatemalan fountain art by taking pictures like this: ...  read more

The Best Laid Plans

We’re doing something crazy.

Something unbelievably, undeniably crazy.

Are you ready?

Wait for it.

Wait for it.


We’re taking our kids on vacation.


Sure, on the face of it that doesn’t seem so crazy.  People go on vacation every day and for lots of reasons.

I mean, where else do you get to tattoo your whole face and pet a goat’s butt? ...  read more

The Quick Fix

If left to my own TV devices, I watch the Food Network.

Granted, we’re usually watching the Disney channel or ESPN around here.  When I let my family watch TV, that is.  Which I RARELY (ha, I’m so funny) do.

But I like me some Food Network every now and then.

Our satellite dish lost the signal for Food Network about two weeks ago.

I asked my husband to fix it. ...  read more

Mom’s Cure Almost Everything Chicken Soup

In case you need a little pick-me-up during cold and flu season, I have permission to share with you my aunt Ann‘s mother’s magic chicken soup recipe.

Ann’s mother is Taiwanese (or, as Ann says, “like Jewish, except you know, not”), and Ann details below exactly how to make the soup.  Please note that I cannot be held responsible for poor results if you fail to follow the directions completely. ...  read more

The Hairried Truth

I’m not saying I have under-the-chin hairs.

Thick, black hairs that grow out of my lily white skin for everyone to see.

But, hypothetically speaking, if I did have under-the-chin hairs, I’d have to find time in my busy schedule to pluck them.

We moms are a busy breed.

We squeeze in things any way we can.

I, for example, can’t remember the last time I sat and watched an entire TV show without doing something else simultaneously.  I work on the computer, bake cookies, sew, edit photos, scrapbook, and wrap presents.  I update our calendar, pay bills, and send reminders to my husband to update our calendar and pay bills.  All of which happens after kids are in bed, of course, because I can’t even think about sitting while they’re awake. ...  read more

The Wetters of the Alphabet

They’re boys.

They’re twins.

They’re 4.

They pee in the same toilet.

At the same time.


We went to McDonalds on Saturday.

Cai had to go potty.  Cael thought that sounded fun and asked to come, too.

I wasn’t sure why he thought that sounded fun.

Do you sense the foreshadowing?

We three squeezed into one stall and the cooperative peeing adventures began. ...  read more