Pocketing Peach Pits

As a mother, there are gross things that are simply part of the job description.  Pocketing peach pits is apparently one of them.

I took Abby, my almost-10 year old, to the video store yesterday.  She ate a peach in the car.  Reference “Excrement and Other Things My Car Smells Like” for the reason I didn’t let her leave the pit to rot somewhere in the car’s nether regions after we arrived at the store. ...  read more

Excrement and Other Things My Car Smells Like

I hopped in my oh-so-hip minivan today after work on this warm, summer day in Oregon and was immediately taken aback by the moderate smell of excrement emminating from the hot interior.  Not sure why I was taken aback.  My car has smelled this way for at least a week now.

This is minivan number 4 for us.

I know.  You’d like to be as cool as me.  Take a number.  And, just to whet your appetite for my high style of living, I’ll brag that I have not one, but TWO vans.  One mini and one whopping 8 passenger.  That leaves us, like, one whole extra seat to spill on. ...  read more

Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids

I’ve had three friends in the past week ask me where my blog is.  Why did they do that?  Cleary because I’m unbelieveably popular, and they like me very much.

Sadly, I don’t believe that.  I think it’s actually because they want to laugh at me more regularly than they already do.  See, I’m a mother of five kids.  That means my life is a) necessarily funny and b) a comfort to others.  In this, my first blog post, we’ll explore each of these ideas.  Did you notice that I said “we” as though other people will be reading?  Confidence, that. ...  read more