By necessity, we run our house triage-style.

Just like a hospital, we’re in a constant state of intake, needs assessment, emergency stop-gap care and then, hopefully, meeting the greatest concerns with more thorough attention.  I’m not sure whether we ever really acheive the last part, but I like to think we try.  I suppose that’s for our kids and their counselors to decide when they’re adults. ...  read more

Thoughts on Gender

Ah, the age-old question.

Do I teach my children the real names for their private parts or do I give them cutesy alternatives so they don’t embarrass me in public?

With a 10, 9, and 7 year old already in the house, this question was moot before it was raised.  No Thingys or Po-Pos or Tutus for us.  Nope.  We have good ol’ pensises and vaginas around here, and 2 year old Cai and Cael know it. ...  read more


Perhaps you think the use of all caps is an exaggerated move in the title. Maybe you don’t appreciate being yelled at just by looking at a blog entry.


Allow me to explain.


My seven-year-old daughter, Aden, has lately asked us to call her by a new name.




This began in early December. Aden decided she would heretofore be known as Tiger and only as Tiger. ...  read more