By necessity, we run our house triage-style.

Just like a hospital, we’re in a constant state of intake, needs assessment, emergency stop-gap care and then, hopefully, meeting the greatest concerns with more thorough attention.  I’m not sure whether we ever really acheive the last part, but I like to think we try.  I suppose that’s for our kids and their counselors to decide when they’re adults.

To give you a general idea of a typical evening around these parts, I decided to track the nighttime happenings in the lives of the Woolseys.

Highlights from the evening include:

  • Participated in 14 instances of “Ian, put the dog down.” Do you think I should actually do something to enforce this?
  • Gave Sharing Lessons to Cai and Cael. There was only one water bottle with the cool pop-top lid, so of course no other liquid receptacle would do.
  • The water bottle broke. Gave “How to Handle Disappointment” Lessons to Cai and Cael.
  • Spent time deliberating Give Them Regular Cups Of Sticky Juice So They Can Learn vs. Save Myself the Mess.
  • Spent time washing apple juice off the floor.
  • Found it amusing that Aden had worn PJ’s (short sleeve shirt + shorts) under her clothes to school so she could wear PJ’s after school at daycare.
  • Found it ironic that Aden complained about being “too cold” to wear her leotard and dance shorts to dance class despite finally wearing the heavy coat that she refused to wear home from daycare with just PJ’s on. (Not cold when she decides to wear too few clothes, but way too cold when Mommy makes her wear a coat?)
  • Wondered, as I have every day for two years, whether Abby’s chronic complaints of stomach and head aches are a) a plea for attention, b) an attempt to get out of anything distasteful, c) food or environmental allergies, or c) a serious disease.  Pretty sure I’m going to end up having gotten this one Wrong.
  • Thought I was so clever feeding more and more cheddar cheese to Mr. Underweight (aka, Cai). Later found all the cheese jammed in his empty juice cup. Dang it!
  • Coached Abby on appropriate behavior for dance class if she wants to be chosen for Performing Company next year. By “coaching,” I mean “gave thoughtful and sage advice and was patently ignored.”
  • Worked with Ian on homework.  Was encouraged by his ability to learn 2 new spelling words and remember 2 old ones.  Wondered if he’ll ever get There, if I’m doing enough to help, and where the heck There is, anyway.
  • Read My Very First Mother Goose to my only avid reader, Cael. It’s a compilation of old nursery rhymes like, “Bat, bat, come under my hat, and I’ll give you a slice of bacon; and when I bake, I’ll give you a cake, if I am not mistaken.” What the…?
  • Said repeatedly in a happy, excited, encouraging voice “down the line, up the line, oooooover the hump and doooown to make a tail” while Aden practiced her lower case n’s.  At least, I think I pulled off happy, excited and encouraging.
  • Measured a can of soup, a toothbrush, a popsicle and the dog for a second grade math project. I hope I get an A.
  • Caught Cai sneaking chocolate, Ian sneaking a peanut butter cookie, Abby sneaking a later bedtime, and Daddy sneaking a potty break (the monster).

Time for Mommy to sneak a glass of wine.

Good night.

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