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My Boobies Is Called Peacocks

Cael, age 2, said that to me today.



“My boobies is called peacocks.”

“Your boobies are called peacocks?”

Ever since Abby was little and used to pronounce Clifford (of Big Red Dog fame) “bulls*&t,” I find it’s always good to clarify with toddlers what exactly they’re saying.

“Yes, Mom.  My boobies is called peacocks.”

I still wasn’t totally sure we were on the same page, though.  “Can you show me?”  I asked.

Sure enough, Cael lifted up his shirt to show me his peacocks.

Hmmm.  Interesting.

Only much later did I realize that, in our effort to correct body-part naming,  Cael had managed to confuse the word “peacocks” with the word “pecs” (as in pectoral muscles).  Whoops.

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One response to “My Boobies Is Called Peacocks”

  1. Spencer once asked a little girl why she had a nipple on her forehead. It was a mole.

    Imagine if he had asked her why she had a peacock on her head? *giggle*

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