Rules for Shopping

We recently took all 5 of our kids shopping at Target.

Having learned a few things after parenting for more than a decade, I asked the kids to review the rules in the car on the way to the store.

Here’s what they said.

Family Rules for Shopping

  1. Be nice.
  2. Don’t jump on people.  Or climb on them, either.
  3. Use quiet voices.
  4. Don’t steal other people’s food.

Sometimes kids have better ideas than we do.  I wouldn’t have thought to tell them not to jump on people or not to steal other people’s food, but, sure enough, those are some of my expectations. ...  read more

St. Patrick’s Day

My cousin Jen visited with her fabulous family over the weekend.  On Sunday, the grown-ups participated in the 5K Shamrock Run.

The run actually has nothing to do with the rest of this blog entry, but I figured it was fair game since it has the word “shamrock” in it.  I pretty much just wanted to mention that I RAN in a RACE!  And, by ran, I mean that I ran the whole time. ...  read more

Sex Ed, Take Two: The Birthing Theories

Sometimes, we have conversations with our kids, and they just don’t seem to listen.

I know… weird, right?

Several months ago, we tried to have the conversation with Ian, age 10, about his birthing-babies theory.  We were concerned that kids at school might start to make fun of him if he started referencing a mom pooping out her babies.

Knowledge is power and all that. ...  read more